Our Music

Get Down (released in December 2016): This the fourth album that hit and transformed the music world. The ‘Maniacs Group’ is the force behind this band that was recorded at GrassHouseMusic. It ruled the airwaves for the better part of early 2017. Before the release of the Get Down album, singles like ‘Go Now’ and ‘Crazy Stuff’ had preceded it, all recorded at our studios. We saw the release of two further singles, ‘Hopeless’ and ‘Judge Me Not’ in June 2017.
Get down was a success and it stole the second position on the UK Albums Chart. In fact, the album recorded over 60,000 copy sales within the first week. At the same time, it came the best seller in Ireland and number two in Australia and managed top 20 in most of the other charts. As we speak, the Maniacs Group is the only female-only group to get their first three albums feature in the Billboard 200’s top 20. In August 2017, the album bagged double platinum in the UK for getting a record of 800,000 units shipped worldwide.

Don’t Joke (released in January 2015): It’s a song recorded at GrassHouseMusic by the ‘Split Devils.’ It was for their first album, ‘It’s Mine,’ that was released in July 2016. The album was a huge success for the group and moved the sale of over 10,000 units the first two days. The track ‘Don’t Joke’ was produced by Hill Mark who co-wrote the song with Ann Joseph, Stephan Clay and Might Dough. With an instrumental of pianos, bells, and percussion, the song hit the airwaves to surpass their expectations.

Don’t Nag (released in August 2016): Recorded at GrassHouseMusic, this jam serves you the experience of two lovers where the girl is overly clingy. The song was recorded by ‘The Suns,’ a group of two gents and two ladies who had just entered the music industry the previous year. However, John one of the two came up with the idea of forming and band. And you know what? They were cut out for it. This year, they recorded another song, ‘It’s Not Too Late,’ released October 2017. The new track has multiplied their fan base two-fold. Considering the love they’ve received, it looks they’ll be the next big players. The group expects to produce even more songs early 2018.

Fresh As Now (released in November 2014): Recorded by the music band, Street Z, this Jam was one of what we can consider a success. Swags, the group leader says, ‘Fresh As Now’ helped us to believe that we can and gave us our fans.’ Surely, the song was one of the few we had recorded for an entirely new group that surpassed our projections. In only 3 days, over 40K units had already been sold. In the last 2 years alone, they’ve released a few songs that have also added to their huge following. The group has been staging their performances in most festivals and various large clubs in the London and far beyond. In January, they’ll be releasing an album, and from the look of things, we expect that it will be one of the biggest releases in 2018.