Our Artists

George Harm: A former employee of Next from Nottingham, he quit his career to pursue music. He recorded his first track with us back in 2015, and his talent continues to grow. His track ‘Don’t Leave Me Please,’ stole the top 5 position in the UK for quite some time back then. Without a doubt, he’s one of the most promising talents out there. Within that short period, he managed a full album, and it’s out for his huge following.

ADoubleB: The duo’s future is the true definition of success in the music industry. Both entered the music world as DJs. They managed to sell over 2 million singles since they began. In what every beginner artist out there can only begin to imagine, the two have staged several performances at various large festivals including Sziget, and Creamfields.

Moar Hail: For 10 years now, High Contrast has been ruling the music world. He was the force behind the Olympic Opening Ceremony. What’s more, he’s worked with some of the renowned artists in the world, including DJ Fresh. Moar Heil has also remixed music for elites such as Adele and Kanye West.
Males: A young DJ whose first single, Stupid Me fired up and ruled the dance floors for quite some time. Since then, his career has been rising, and we believe he’ll be commanding the industry some years to come. Artist Kung, a high spirited artist, expressed an interest in music when he was just a kid playing Djembe drum that his parents gave him. As a kid, he had already met iconic singers including Benjamin Clementine. So, it makes sense to argue that his career is not luck but a calling.

Clare Agnes: She’s an 18-year old who’s already managed to seize and command the airwaves in the pop genre. Clare is among the new crop of pop stars whose future looks extremely promising. And whenever she performs her art, Clare’s totally unapologetic about mastery she displays. This is one group you want to mess up with. At her tender age, Agnes has achieved what most of her age mates can only dream. Her ironic anthem ‘here’ recorded over half a million streams in a week.

Sistan Hope: She worked on a new album belonging to Janet Jackson. Born in North London, Hope is one of the remarkable cases in the music world. In fact, her love for singing did not start the other day; she’s been singing since she was seven. In what one would consider a rare case, she’s managed to feature on two UK #1 album, Rudimental’s Home and Disclosure’s Circle. Sistan is headed for great things.

Bare Drake: If you’ve not heard about Bare Drake, you’ll be glad to know that they have a new album, Jakeme, awaiting release beginning January 2018. For your info, this membership group started when they met in the various punk, rock n’ roll happening throughout the streets of London. After performing for the first time in a club, that’s when they realised the potential in what they were doing and went all in.