About Us

GrassHouseMusic is an independent music recording company based the United Kingdom. The company, owned by Jenifer Bell in 2004. GrassHouseMusic is not like any other company out there. We have a long story.

Surely, the name Jennifer bell is not new. She is famous for her role in the founding of the British Gambling company, Ladbrokes. What’s more, she’s had a role in financing many big-name musicals.

Are you new in the music industry? Then GrasszHouseMusic may be the best thing that ever happened to you. We’re a popular music recording company, and the chances are that you’ve heard about us. What we know for sure is that you’ve heard nothing but praises about us and if that’s not so, then it’s an isolated case bound to happen. We ask you to spare a few minutes of your time, navigate our site and get to know what we can offer you.
One thing we already know, and you’ll agree with us is that we cannot survive without any of us. Yes, that’s right. We’re here because of your talent, and we don’t take that lightly. Our relationship is mutual, and we respect that. If you’re an old friend, we can’t thank you enough for the continued support. Well, if you’re new here and are wondering if to give us a shot, we dare you to do it.

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve recorded all different music genres from pop, rock, punk, Jazz to country music. We’re passionate about everything we do and work our asses of to see that your fans around the globe have the best of your works. Thanks to the new talents that we come across and nurture every other day, this industry is never boring.

To Our Artist’s Fans
GrassHouse prides itself on owning music recording equipment that allows us to capture the most exceptional performances as they happen. In fact, the quality of the video and audio might tempt you to think that the music is playing right in your house. We feel pumped to do even better whenever customers stop to tell us how great the sound of the tracks we record is.

After producing music from your favourite artists, we make it available for download, either in individual tracks or whole albums. Plus, we have it as you want ready for the ultimate fun. Choose from the CD, Vinyl and Super Audio CD – it all for you to access. Please show some support for the artist you love. We believe it’s the best way to show the support for the efforts and trouble they go through to bring you music that rocks.

We maintain a large catalogue of your best music that you can listen to whenever you want to while killing some time on a lazy afternoon. Plus, you can access our database located on GrassHouseMusic.co.uk at any time and from anywhere.

An Award Winning Company
While we’re in business because we love what we do, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention that we have bagged some awards for our excellent work. In 2014, Glamour Magazine recognised our efforts in developing talents and chose us for the award over many others. Well, we work hard day and night, not for the awards but to nurture up and coming artists while helping the fans access the best of their music. It’s a call, and we’re committed to it.