Welcome to Grass House Music

Welcome to GrassHouseMusic, a music recording company based in the UK catering to the needs of upcoming and also acclaimed artists. GrassHouseMusic prides itself on being one of the most prominent and successful recording companies in the music industry. Our goal as a recording company is to nature and develop talents for beginner and renowned artists alike. We like to refer to ourselves as home to artists welcoming everyone with a promising talent on board so we can grow together.

Over the years, we’ve released music for popular musicians like Break Don, Willard May, Hosted, Eric John, Giant Enerm, Casing Drow among others.
Still can’t believe it? You can find a complete list in our catalogue of the artists that we’ve worked with all these years we’ve been in the industry. And guess what, thanks to the support we accorded them from start to finish, they’ve continued to realise immense success.

What Exactly Can We Do For You?
If you come to GrassHouseMusic, one of the primary services we provide is record music and video for you. Other than that, we also engage in the recruitment of new artists, nurturing and development of new talents.

Artists Recruitment and Development (A&R)
Other recording companies prefer working with artists who already have a following. But that isn’t us. While we still work with known artists, GrassHouseMusic believes in growing with you right from the moment you realise you have a talent for music.
Basically, once you’ve signed a deal with us, our role is to handle all business matters so you can focus on polishing up your music entirely. We handle all radio promotions and publicity part of your career.

Now, how can you increase the chances of getting signed with us? You must understand that we’re also in business and our goal is to invest in you. So we will only accept you when we see that your music has definite potential. With a good understanding of your audience and a remarkable following in your niche, the odds are high we will be willing to work with you. We aim to find artists who understand their art so we can grow together.

Music Publishing
GrassHouseMusic also assumes the role of music publishing. If we note potential in your music, we enter into a contract with you. Here, you transfer all the rights of your work to us for a specified duration. We’re very fair in our dealings. As such, GrassHouseMusic gets half (50%), and you get the remaining half from the music proceeds for the agreed duration. Our publishing unit handles 4 diverse areas.

• Performing arts rights – that involve royalties for radio and internet airplay or even live performance of your music.
• Mechanical rights – these are royalties paid when another artist records your music
• Synchronization – the licensing fees paid for the use of your work in television, videos and commercials.
• Sheet music – payments for the sales of your music either in paper or digital.

Copyright Enforcement
If you ever want to get paid, then you need to protect your work. This is where copyright comes in. Under the copyright law, the moment you pen down your lyrics and get us to record the audio and video, your work is protected.

But before your music gets released so the world can hear your voice, we help you handle all the copyright issues. You wouldn’t like to shell out your hard-earned cash for studio time, artwork, CD and more for nothing.

Are you a musician and would like to get your music recorded? You can never go wrong with GrassHouseMusic. We own the state of the art recording tools that guarantee the best quality voice and video record. Over the years, we’ve been helping artists like you grow their music talents by according them our support all through. The time to grow your talent is now. Lastly, Our latest client has been nominated as the best forex broker uk and previously won best forex platform in holland ” Handelen bij easymarkets is uitgekomen tot beste forex platform van 2020” which is very positive!.